Jon Batman

This is another way to communicate among residents and owners at Capistrano Condominium in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  My goal, as the blog creator/administrator is to provide a way for YOUR voice to be heard by everyone in our community, by our Board of Directors (your elected representatives at Capistrano) and by the Management Company, Hara Management.

As many of you know, I have lived at Capistrano since 1976 which is probably before when most of you were born.  Over the years, I have served on the Capistrano Board and was the first non-developer president of the community.  I currently serve our community and Altamonte Springs as City Commissioner, District 4.  I represent about 1/4 of the City’s population.  I also serve on the Seminole County Historical Commission (the folks who put up those historical markers), the Seminole County Behavioral Health Board of Directors (Seminole County Mental Health) and Seminole County’s ‘Committee on Aging’.  I also work diligently on historical preservation, for improvements in elder care and for my constituents (YOU).  I’m a member of many, probably most, of the historical organizations in Seminole and Orange Counties.

This Blog is one of several ways I choose to honor my wife, Linda M. Batman, who was a strong advocate of people striving to make their communities better.  She was a State of Florida Commissioner on Ethics who encouraged people to speak up when they did not agree with their elected representatives.  And now, I also, encourage you to do that.  She believed that ONE PERSON can make a difference in all our lives, and that one person should be you!

Thanks for stopping by, and I encourage you to express your opinions about Capistrano on this site.  Many people will see it.  Additionally, if you ever want to discuss a matter, express your views, or just say hello, call or stop by my condo unit, #122.

Jon Batman

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